Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


We naked apes live in a world where the term 'psych' is thrown around with such frequency that it seems to mean little more than 'weird guitars,' which is everything nowadays, and could well mean Cher for that matter. So, when we say 'psych' in relation to Earthmonkey, we mean Monks. We mean Bonniwell Music Machine. We mean Wolfgang Dauner. We mean Amon Duul II. We mean Taj Mahal Travelers. We mean a bunch of other stuff that Earthmonkey wishes we mentioned but did not.

Earthmonkey DOES have weird guitars, and organs, and percussion. But it also has that unnamable, freely streaming 'other' quality that sets it apart from being a somewhat avant-garde rock record. The music is, well, music. It's very outré, but is nonetheless bounded by time signatures and melody (These, however, are not ties that bind, rather, they are ties that will get you high). In other words, this is not just a noise record. Earthmonkey is dark, droney, deep and, dare we say, groovy.