mclusky were born in 1998 when Andy Falkous (vocals) and Mat Harding (drums) met one another while working in a call centre in Cardiff, Wales. They called themselves Best but that was short-lived. They did manage, however, to release a single, Huwuno, before changing their name and recruiting Jon Chapple on bass. So begins their tale. Unlike most bands at the time, they had no aspirations to become "Britpop." They preferred Pixies, Shellac and The Fall to Ocean Colour Scene’s warblings, Oasis’s dadrock or Echobelly’s crapness. Who can blame them?

The public beyond the Welsh capital first became aware of them when, in 2000, they released their debut album, My Pain And Sadness Is More Sad And Painful Than Yours. Ears began pricking up in their direction. In just one week, Steve Albini had recorded their second album, the excellent mclusky Do Dallas. For the first time, someone had caught on tape the raw energy of mclusky live. Loud and spitting blood, few tracks hit the two-minute mark.

Before even the dust from Do Dallas had settled, relations between the band became strained at the same time and this resulted in Mat leaving for pastures new. A new drummer, Jack Egglestone, joined just in time for a headline UK tour which finished with a captivating Reading festival show. Nothing was lost. In fact, they’re a better band for it.

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