Del Rey
Del Rey
Label: My Pal God Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The band known as Del Rey was conceived in October 1997 when musicians Damien Burke, Brendan Daly and Eben English voluntarily transplanted themselves from their east coast homes to Chicago, Illinois. The collaboration between these three friends grew to fruition in the Summer of 1998 with the addition of Peoria, Illinois native (and North American snare drum champion) Michael Johnson. In September of 1999 Del Rey released their first recording, dlry, a CD-only 4 song EP on their own newly created imprint, Dirigible Recordings. Speak It Not Aloud, Del Rey's first full-length compact disc, followed in 2001. It was recorded at Engine Studios by Jason Ward. Del Rey's magnificent sophomore release, Darkness & Distance was released in October 2003.