Bitter, Bitter Weeks
Bitter, Bitter Weeks
Label: My Pal God Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Bitter, Bitter Weeks is the work of Philadelphia native Brian McTear. McTear's first solo full-length recording was released on January 20, 2003. Brian McTear might be better known for his work as the producer of bands like Mazarin, Matt Pond PA and Lefty's Deceiver as well as the engineer of records for the Burning Brides, Swearing at Motorists, Eltro and countless lesser-known outfits across the Delaware Valley. For his work at Miner Street Studios, McTear was named 2002 Producer of the Year at the Philadelphia City Paper Music Awards.

McTear's own musical roots always lay somewhere strangely between folk music and avant noise rock (see his previous band the Marinernine) and in Bitter, Bitter Weeks he skillfully finds that common ground. With little more than a guitar, banjo, and Rhodes piano, he delivers emotional complexity within a simple structure, like spiritual hymns translated and tempered from a noisy heart.