Rogers Sisters, The


You've heard the story before: three foxy young New Yorkers get together and make retro-sounding rock music. The British press froths, the underground buzzes, hysteria ensues. This narrative could apply to the Rogers Sisters, but it wouldn't do them justice. Drawing on a range of sounds that includes new wave, no wave, punk, post-punk and garage rock, the Rogers– real life sisters Jennifer and Laura, plus honorary Rogers Miyuki Furtado– forge a completely original sound full of twitchy guitar lines, call-and-response vocals and swaggering beats, reminiscent of bands like ESG, the Bush Tetras, B-52s and the Slits.

When the Rogers Sisters started out, they were like the official band at any halfway respectable loft party in Brooklyn's ultra-hip Williamsburg neighborhood. What began as an unexpected bonus at these seedy, unauthorized events quickly became the main reason to go: Playing on the floor amid a throng of partygoers, Jennifer, Laura and Miyuki could make even the most stoic attendee break into a dancing fool. There has always been something infectious about watching these three New Yorkers perform– Furtado leaping in the air; Jennifer yelping sweetly into her microphone; Laura laying down a rock solid anchor on the drums.

The Rogers Sisters followed up a self-released debut 7" called "Let's Fly Away" with their first full-length, Purely Evil, in early 2003. That album drew rave reviews and landed them opening slots for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Har Mar Superstar, Liars and the Kills – as well as one-off gigs with their heroes ESG, the Fall, the Ex and Mission of Burma. The band toured the U.S. and England, Germany and Scandinavia before returning to the studio last fall to work on Three Fingers with producer Tim Barnes. The new disc is a sonic leap forward for the group– a bigger, cleaner production that includes string and horn parts on some songs. But the basic raw materials remain blissfully unchanged, and the Rogers Sisters are clearly on their way to sharing the qualities that made their favorite artists unforgettable: soul, a sense of humor and a great beat.