Danger Mouse & Jemini


Danger Mouse has been one of the stories of the year in 2004 for his landmark Grey Album, an illicit copyright copywrong mash up of Jay-Z's Black Album acapellas and The Beatles White Album, which was downloaded a million times at the start of the year and reached corporate mass media news columns. The artistic repercussions of this landmark album were so profound that folks like David Bowie started openly offering up their back catalogs for remixing, a revolutionary milestone. Less than several months later, a legal commercial product with Danger Mouse's name all over it hits the shops, a collaboration with Brooklyn MC Jemini. The result of their collaboration is a well produced album worthy of multiple listens, much smoother than their cartoonish veneer, and more true to hip-hop old school than the mad mayhem sampling of "Helter Skelter." These cats have some fun with style, Jemini in the ultra pimpin loud track suits, DM in a full-on mouse costume. Time will tell if Danger Mouse- a red hot producer- will continue to be known for this affiliation with Jemini, or on his own. For now, get out the tea cups, fill them with 40s Danger Mouse style and enjoy the beats.

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