Nigel Pepper Cock
Nigel Pepper Cock
Label: Life Is Abuse
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Another slap-it-in-your-face sex-rock explosion from perverted sci-fi lech-mongers NIGEL PEPPER COCK. Eleven punk-rocking, pseudo-new wave metal anthems, loaded with explicit imagery, "adult " themes, and pull-a-train attitude.

Confrontation. Shock value. Lewd artwork. Loud, beer-spilling hardcore anthems with soaring synth sheen. These are the elements that make up the six MAN team of axe wielders and low-end thrusters in the sci-fi sex-rock band Nigel Pepper Cock. Men with names like Captain Cumsocks, Simon Lay Bone, and Ace Freefeel. Men who are comfortable wearing white socks, bitchin' Reebok hightops--and nothing else.