Brent Gutzeit
Label: Kranky Records
Genre: Experimental
Online: Artist Website


Brent Gutzeit is an musician, label owner and instrument designer who lives in Chicago. After graduating from Western Michigan University in 1994 with a degree in sculpture, Gutzeit moved to Japan where, in addition to studying sculpture he saw a lot of bands and started TV Pow with Michael Hartman. Hartman and Gutzeit had been in a band together called Liminal in Kalamazoo, they were joined Todd Carter in TV Pow and after a return to the States and a move to Chicago, TV Pow toured Japan in 1997.

Gutzeit started the Boxmedia label to release music from the growing Chicago improvised music scene as well as musicians from beyond Cook County. In March of 1999, kranky released the Mosquito Dream CD, a collaboration between Brent Gutzeit and guitarist James Plotkin that began when the two met at a Jim O'Rourke concert in Tokyo. Plotkin gave Gutzeit a tape of some guitar pieces which Gutzeit then mutated via tape manipulation and the addition of his own, homemade instruments, including an upright bass strung with piano wire and a 3 string instruments strung with 100 foot piano wires,. The two exchanged the tape a few more times over the next five years. Then Gutzeit got the tape into the hands of a kranky operative.

TV Pow continued to tour and release albums on a number of American and European labels. Gutzeit kept Boxmedia going, releasing mostly limited edition CDRs. His first "proper" solo album, Losing Every Day, was released on the Kissy label in late 2003. When kranky got a hold of Drug Money, a limited edition CDR Gutzeit put out in 2003, we quickly determined that the music deserved greater distribution. So in May, 2004 kranky will release Drug Money on compact disc. Using recordings of electric motors on piano wires, Gutzeit fashioned three tracks of viscous drones that continue the deliberate use of texture and detail used on Mosquito Dream.