Label: Suiteside
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The Candies were born in late 1995 with Marco playing drums and me (Giulio) playing guitar. First demotape out in April 1996. I remember that some friends helped us out playing the bass on that one. Then we met Mauro and he became our bass player.

We soon released two other tapes and then we decided to print a 7" back in 1998, for which i created ee:lettro, that was supposed to be the DIY homelabel of the Candies. The 7" was named Sad Neon Lights. After the 7" we had many problems with civil service between me and Marco, the drummer, so we couldn't really support the 7" on tour.

The years 1999/2000 were good anyway, because we could play a few shows supporting the first Calexico italian tour and Trumans Water as well. It was fun. Very soon we needed to put out some of the songs we made between 1998 (that couldn't fit on the 7") and 2000 on a full length. ee:lettro was still running and this guy called Giuseppe sent me an email. He wanted to join the label to help me because he was really deep into indie rock and wanted to do something more than just listening. That was the turning point, since he started managing ee:lettro, things started to run faster in a good way for the band. He put out the record, did all the promotion, and helped me out with lots of things.

The record was called Leaving Our Homes. In this record Calexico's John Convertino and Volker Zander helped us out with additional drums, cello, vibes and percussions, and Kevin Brastetter from Trumans Water sang on one track as well. This record also was the start of a strong frienship with Turn Records, that licensed the record in the USA, Canada and UK.

After Leaving Our Homes we did two small European tours (Germany, Austria and Holland) and missed the UK tour because of lineup problems. Due to this, drummer Marco Pierantoni, co-founder of the band was replaced in early 2002 by Giordano Rizzato, between the first and the second european tour.

As we came back with Giordano from the second European tour we met Suiteside Records that was willing to work with us for a new record. We decided to write and record in a very short time period (rehersing for two months, and recording in only 2 days). DENSE WAVES MAKE YOUR EYES WIDER is that record and it was also put out by our friends at Turn Records for the US and CANADA.