Lupine Howl
Lupine Howl
Label: Beggars Banquet
Genre: Rock
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Lupine Howl was formed out of the ashes of Spirtualized in January 1999. Sean Cook, lead Howler, explains, "I see Lupine Howl as capable of doing whatever we feel like doing".

Lupine Howl released their debut single Vaporizer. It got single of the week in the NME. "Its all reckless freak out. They must be very pleased with themselves. After all, revenge is a dish best eaten cool. This record is way cool".

They followed up their debut release with some outstanding London shows. This confirmed the band as one of the most powerful live bands around. The live set was all Spencer Davis grooves and Parliament rifts.

The debut album,The Carnivorous Lunar Activities Of Lupine Howl was released in the spring of 2001. Press:Uncut called the album "Full on psychedelic throttle rock", Big Issue named it album of the week, sighting "Smacked out cosmic jams. They are doing it all by themselves ", Daily Telegraph writing "Its Good to hear such great music coming out of so much acrimony" and Sunday Express exclaiming "It’s a fantastic album".

Lupine Howl released their album The Bar at the End Of The Worl on October 14th 2002, through Beggars Banquet.

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