Almandino Quite De Luxe
Label: Suiteside
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Almandino Quite De Luxe is the name of a 2/3 female trio (2 gtrs & drums) from Bologna, Italy, and their garage/noise electric shocks will bring joy to those of you who appreciate the like of Sonics, Bob Log III, Man or Astroman?. Absobloodylutely has been recorded (live in the studio) by Fabio Magistrali (A Short Apnea, Perturbazione, LFS) in late 2003. Those who have seen AQDL on a stage won't be surprised to know that they have already played 20 gigs in 4 months, which is a rarity for a so far unknown band. Call it noise pop, blues core, or noise core, but the degree of hystrionic, orgiastic epilepsy this band transmits can't go unobserved!