Label: G7 Welcoming Committee
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Every time Zach De La Rocha hears his former Rage Against the Machine bandmates playing with Audioslave in some car commercial, one would suspect he'd be rolling in his grave, which is pretty amazing because he's still very much alive. Zach's influence is not lost on Canadian war-is-art rockers Warsawpack, a seven piece from Hamilton who do his legacy well. They've got the requisite angry political vocals, the buzzsaw acid funk guitar thing and all that, forcing the inevitable comparisons (they also resemble Soul Coughing at times). Warsawpack takes it all a step further though, building up an elaborately militaristic aesthetic, draped in words like propaganda and imminent. You'd think they were rebel freedom fighters embroiled deep in conflict.

Warsawpack was founded in 1999, and one would imagine, against a backdrop of the Seattle WTO anti-globalization protests. And now, that we're wallowing deeper and deeper into perpetual global warfare, the context is entirely different than the pre-millenial vibe of multilateral optimism Rage Against the Machine spewed it's anger into. One has to notice that this band and it's label- politically conscious G7WC- are from Canada, outside of the United States. A release like this in Bush country would likely be subject to some wicked criticism from angry dissent-hating patriots.

Sometimes it's nice to be reminded of how well music and politics can go together. Don't expect to see any of these guys' work on any corporate outlets in the U.S.A. anytime soon.