Tight Phantomz
Label: Southern Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Starting only with the name, recording engineer and former LUSTRE KING frontman Mike Lust, had an idea for a band - the next band he and Jay Dandurand (former drummer for LUSTRE KING) would play in together. In late '02 this "Phantom fantasy" quickly became reality, once they met bassist Cale Arthur.

Recorded at Phantom Manor, The bands' analog recording facility, "Nightfool" marks their SOUTHERN Records debut. With this 5-song ep, TIGHT PHANTOMZ employs a rather raw, stripped down rock aesthetic. "Nightfool" combines the speed and grit of Lustre King with a classic rock n' roll influence. One could say, their musical blueprint could easily be summed up with Aerosmith's "Draw The Line" and ZZ Top's "Waiting For The Bus".

Witnessing their live performance is a MUST to fully appreciate the PHANTOMZ! With Lust at the helm - hard telling what's going to happen! Complete with kicks you thought only D.L.R could do without seriously injuring himself, the PHANTOMZ show becomes a visual full-on rock assault, in every sense of the word! If you're lucky, you can even bid on a highly collectable "color-by-numbers" picture Lust drew in the van on the way to the show!