Label: Lovitt Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Decahedron’s infrastructure can be traced back to the fall of 1994. Jason Hamacher and Shelby Cinca, then young employees of the Frodus Conglomerate, heard rumor of a band from Oklahoma, Mr. Bishop's Fist, led by Johnathon Ford. Hamacher contacted the Fist with a “telephone” call and promptly sent Ford the Frodus “Babe” cassette tape via United States Postal Service. Little did they know that one magnetic tape would alter their lives forever.

Years passed and The Frodus Conglomerate published several musical documents, most with different bass subcontractors. Meanwhile, 2769 miles away, in Seattle, Washington, Johnathon Ford began to localize a group of young visionaries aptly named Roadside Monument. The Conglomerate was contacted via “telephone” in 1997 by Roadside Monument with a request to publicly address a live audience in Washington DC. After the aforementioned addresses and vehicle repair a split EP and accompanying west coast tour was planned. A unique association was formed between the two bands through performance, sweat, and destruction.

1999 marked the end of the Frodus Conglomerate International. They launched their final assault on the music world entitled “And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea”. The album gained critical acclaim earning Frodus a medal of honor in the annals of DC punk history. A forthcoming generation of punk-minded youth took the album as a call to arms as it provided many with inspiration to change their current state of music.

After the termination of Frodus, Cinca and Hamacher went their separate ways taking time to reevaluate. Cinca continued down the path of guitar while Hamacher took the path of the Inca.

Roadside witnessed its demise in 1998. Ford moved to Chicago and began a new project aptly named “Unwed Sailor”, a moniker given to him during his time with The Conglomerate. Ford, Hamacher, and Cinca maintained minimal contact during this transitional time of path finding.

The core operatives reunited in 2001 when Hamacher and Cinca reconvened and sketched a new musical strategy. They recruited collaborators new and old but nothing came to fruition. After repeated disappointment the two took several months to regroup and reunited nameless in fall 2001. In Janruary 2002 they recruited longtime Fugazi acquaintance Joe Lally. Cinca initially began working with Lally by recording two albums for DC's Dead Meadow that Lally released on his label, Tolotta Records. Cinca, Hamacher, and Lally practiced briefly and recorded basic tracks for a three-song demo before Hamacher set off on a three-month trip throughout Europe and Asia. Lally and Cinca finished the demo and began writing and recording new musical concepts. They sent the demo via “email” to Hamacher, who reviewed the MP3s and responded. The Black Sea, once a project, was now a band.

Ford came though town several times with Pedro The Lion as a bass mercenary while Hamacher was exploring the depths of Mesopotamia. He met with Cinca several times and was given The Black Sea demo. He never thought those eight years after his first interaction with Hamacher and Cinca that a second demonstration from the two would stir an inner force that he couldn’t begin to understand.

The Black Sea spent ten months writing and recording their full length. Near the final stages of completion, a trademark situation forced The Black Sea to change its name, or rather... reveal it's true identity...

Decahedron - a ten-sided solid geometric shape... a monolithic force appearing in the minute details of nature and primordial universal mass.

Lally resigned as the Decahedron bassist to focus on family around the time the new full length, "Disconnection_Imminent", was being mixed. Hamacher and Cinca were back to the Bass Player Game. Ford had been discussed so Cinca made a call via “mobile phone” and explained the situation. Ford promptly was given access to a hidden server and downloaded the songs. After listening to the tracks, Ford was ready. He learned the bass lines, and flew to Washington nine days later for the Decahedron Bass Player trials. Inside the underground Decahedron compound Ford’s nine years of experience pulled him through the trials and he was willingly assimilated into the Decahedron.

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