Label: Waxploitation Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


It must be fun to be part of an industrial goth superdupergroup. Chris Vrenna, who left Nine Inch Nails almost a decade ago to work with other superduperstars like U2, has put together a band with pro Guitar whiz Clint Walsh. Ho-hum, another day in the studio busting out a uniquely rich and powerful track with someone like Robert Smith or David Sylvian or The Walkmen.

This is definitely a nocturnal kinda project like the name suggests, and Vrenna is comfortable with many mood stylings, richly constructed and true to his roots. Next time you go out to the fetish dance club on a bump and grind night, ask the DJ to put these dudes on- there's got to be all kinds of remixes of this stuff floating around- it will sound killer. Or simply stay home and plan on staying up all night: dust off the mirror and hunt down a fresh razor blade and a straw.