Label: Reflective Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


The name, Blaktroniks, is a metaphor to connote the ability to manipulate a waveform to simulate a variety of naturally occurring phenomena, and transmit it, thus creating a transformation matrix that allows the receiver to move freely from one thought to another.

Blaktroniks, whose members include songwriters Edd Dee Pee, and x-Ray formed in 1996, when x-Ray moved from Minneapolis to the bay area. The two met at the insistance of a mutual friend after she learned x-Ray was forming a company specializing in digital media. The two quickly realized each other's potential to produce compelling digital media, and set out to record their first full-length CD titled Return of the Afronaut. The two then ventured across America, and Europe to promote it. Upon returning, they completed three more full-length CDs, 1997's Process of Illumination, 1998's National Tantrum, and 1999's blaktroniks, before releasing two critically acclaimed EPs, Movement : Moment and Truth and Desire (including remixes by Domu and Mike Grant) on the German indie label Moving Records.