Tino Corp.
Label: Tino Corp.
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Tino Corp. is a record label dedicated to curating unique beats and sounds that are not available from any other source. It is also the main outlet for Tino's own work. As CEO and principal artist, Tino has launched the label with a series of instructional albums called Tino's Breaks, which teach a new style of drumming with every installment.

Tino resides in his native Cuba, but has made some rare appearances on U.S. soil to record material for the series of Tino's Breaks, scheduled to be released on the label.. Label co- founders Ben Stokes and Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Mannifesto founder) teamed up with producer Mike Powell to produce the Tino's breaks series.

Tino Corp. specializes in odd formats, and is releasing most records on vinyl for DJs and CDs, with an interactive CD rom portion on the disc. Also as part of Flexidisc, the label is releasing music and sound on flexi discs.

DJs test Tino records for scratching flexibility and overall funkyness. Turntablists from all over the world have used Tino records including DJ Krush, Cut Chemist, Z-Trip, Jurrasic 5, Doc Foo & Raw B. Tino Corp. has collaborated with Bay area DJ collective, Future Primitive Sound, to help add to the fragmentation of all recorded music using turntables.