Label: Sounds Are Active
Genre: Experimental / Electronic / Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Soul-Junk is the ongoing mutating combo that started up late '93 as Galaxalag/Glen Galaxy made departure from Trumans Water. Early were Galaxalag solo, while mid-period recordings were various rock outfits featuring good people like Wrong Easterbunny, J-Galaxy, Abe & Mia Of The Lion, Smooth B, Puddle Theory Chuck, and Nation Pogo.

These days, Soul-Junk is a two-some: Galaxalag & Slo-Ro, with frequent contributions from 3rd Rail and DJ Mizzicah. The ouvre has expanded from a rock/anti-rock/freed-jazz basis to include forms like undy hip-hop & drum-n-bass (with their corresponding anti-particles). Regardless of the ransacked/employed forms, the focus of the sound has been the flux point wherein all forms fall apart - the story of the Tower Of Babel come full-circle at Pentecost - tongues & their interpretations. As as As as As a means of short-circuiting listeners' minds & speaking Christ directly into their spirits.