Label: Kranky Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Paul Dickow was a fan of synth-pop who simultaneously learned to play keyboards, the drums and program. He went on to drum in the art punk outfit Emergency, play keyboards in Fontanelle and multiple instruments in Nudge.

Paul Dickow has been performing and DJing as Strategy at dance clubs, rock clubs, dance parties and galleries up and down the West Coast. He releases music on his Archigramophone imprint and curates monthly Community Library nights at the Dunes club in Portland, Oregon. Strategy has released dance singles (with Seattle's ORAC label), remixes and a debut album, Strut, on the Portland-based Outward Music label in summer 2003.

Strategy wires together Dickow's programming and performing experience via a hodgepodge of table top electronics, computers and realtime musicianship. Combining a granular ambient aesthetic with an abstract, percolating rhythmic sensibility, Strategy unites small parts into complete melodies motivated by complex pulsations. The Portland Mercury described Dickow as "Portland's laptop prankster/meister of disquo."