Ladderback, The
Label: Bifocal Media
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Since their conception in 1997, The Ladderback have continued to develop and progress. After recording three full lengths and several singles and comp tracks, they now stand as one of underground's rock's most dynamic and exciting bands. The Ladderback seems to lunge out of nowhere and rip unsuspecting listeners limb from fucking limb with precision, stop on a dime, 0- 200mph in .5 second hardcore/indie madness. Their second full length on bifocal, Introductions to Departure, was one of 2001's most criticaly acclaimed releases. Their third and final full length release, Trigger Themes, takes all that was learned from the first two records and blows them out of the water. Technically superb,there are intense new twists at every corner. After an unsuspecting final tour of Japan in early 2003, the band broke up.