Blood Brothers, The
Blood Brothers, The
Label: V2 Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Dueling singers Jordan Blilie and Johnny Whitney, guitarist Cody Votolato, drummer Mark Gajadhar and bassist Morgan Henderson have been part of the Northwest hardcore-punk scene since 1997, when they were still in high school. These boys are working their way towards the inevitable: creating the darkest hardcore rock opera your cross-dressing grandma has ever seen!

The Blood Brothers combine abrasive, discordant music with unnerving lyrical content and a healthy dose of avant-garde experimentation. They are unlikely candidates for 'next big thing' status. Oddly enough, this is what has set them ahead of the pack and landed them in a place so many bands are self-consciously striving for. "It's more coincidental that things came out like they did," singer Jordan Blilie explains. "Where we are now, we never really aimed to be." Where they are now is in the enviable position of having both a rabid underground following in the hardcore scene which spawned them, and the support of producer Ross Robinson, known for his production work on bands such as Slipknot, At the Drive In and Korn.