Big Science
Big Science
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


In 2007 Jason Hendrix and Jason Richards, ex-members of The North Atlantic, left San Diego and moved to Chicago. The North Atlantic was ending a seven year, 500+ show existence which saw them sign to We Put Out Records, release a well-received Wires In The Walls and tour and play shows with many including Murder By Death, These Arms Are Snakes and Cursive. They moved to start a new band with long-time friend Jason Clark. A mutual friend introduced the three to Jeremy Pena and then the four proceeded to practice and write feverishly for the next six months. December of 2008 saw Big Science self-record and self-release an EP entitled The Coast of Nowhere. Following it's release, the group continued to play more and more successful shows in 2009, opening up for the likes of Frank Black's Grand Duchy project, Planes Mistaken For Stars and The Life and Times. The following year brought a one-off record contract with AEMMP Records for another EP which was called Skyscraper Sound. The band played larger local shows like Wicker Park Fest and also toured to SXSW to support the release. Shortly after returning from the trip, Hendrix, Pena and Richards parted ways with Clark. The three kept writing and recording through the winter and into the spring in their studio. They brought on long-time pal and ex-Company Of Thieves, ex-Wax On Radio member Bob Buckstaff in late 2010 for guitar and keyboard duties. 2011 has been both hot and cold for Big Science. The bad? Getting their van stolen. They persevere though playing Chicago's Do Division Festival and opening for Les Savy Fav. After releasing preview single, "Loose Change Century" to critical acclaim in June, Big Science continues putting the finishing touches on their first full-length record, Difficulty.

Big Science is simply another band made up of four friends entrenched, dedicated and in love with the act of making music that captivates and exalts the native tones of being, of youth, of the city. With instruments held high, cables aligned, knobs turned and tweaked, amplified across time, and eyes to sky, Big Science advances. Raise 'em up, cheers to the wonder.