Free Energy
Free Energy
Label: DFA
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Free Energy formed in the aftermath of the Minneapolis-based indie rock group Hockey Night's tumultuous breakup in 2007. The band coalesced in the two years following the split, when former Hockey Night members Scott Wells and Paul Sprangers relocated to Philadelphia, teamed up with Geoff Bucknum, Nicholas Shuminsky, and Evan Wells, and made a batch of freewheeling indie rock tunes in the vein of glam and arena rock acts like Thin Lizzy and T. Rex. While he was never an official member of the band, LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy worked with Sprangers and Wells on Free Energy's first recordings, both as a producer and, in the band's early days, as a bassist. Free Energy's debut 7" single, Free Energy/Something in Common, was released on Murphy's label, DFA Records, in 2009. A three-track EP followed that fall, and a full-length album titled Stuck on Nothing was released in March of 2010. [AMG Margaret Reges]