Label: Temporary Residence LTD.
Genre: Electronic / Rock
Online: Artist Website


With its beguiling range of texture, its treasure-trove of melody, and its uncanny poise, Nonument is an impressive advance on anything Sybarite has produced up to now.

The record pulls Xian's talents as an arranger and multi-instrumentalist sharply into focus. The ability to combine live instruments and programmed parts into a free-breathing, organic whole has always marked Sybarite apart from the electronica crowd, but Nonument's deftness and lightness of touch is revelatory. Acoustic guitars offer mellow resonance, while string parts introduce tension and soft cadences by turns, and live drums join and part with programmed rhythms. Sybarite's palette is further widened by the introduction of trumpet (courtesy of Matt Hilgenberg) and, for the first time, vocals (courtesy Brooke Williams and Gregory Kenney).