Arc In Round
Arc In Round
Label: None
Genre: Rock
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Philadelphia 4-piece Arc in Round reflect a sonic sensibility garnered from hours of studio tracking, tweaking and sonic experimentation. The band spins out carefully crafted dark pop—taut yet spacey, noisy yet melodic. Humming bass, shuffling drums, glitchy keyboards and dissonant, pedal-treated guitar all melt together into an iridescent sheet of sonorous reduction, and you can still tap your foot to it.

Arc in Round is the band of producer/engineer Jeff Zeigler (Kurt Vile, War on Drugs, Lymbyc Systym), co-songwriter Mikele Edwards, bassist Chris Coello and drummer Matt Ricchini. Formed in 2009, the band pull from the layered-dissonance and experimentation of Disco Inferno and This Heat, Motorik rhythms of Krautrock pioneers Neu and Can, and the more obvious sonic reference points of My Bloody Valentine, Broadcast and the Swirlies. Live, the band takes pains to bring their layered sound out of the studio and onto the stage for an immersive, crisply executed show. They recently released their debut EP, Diagonal Fields, featuring members of Kurt Vile and Violators and Pattern is Movement, and are finishing up an eponymous LP to be released in Fall 2011.