I and I
I and I
Label: Alchemist Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Well before the flood of synth and beat heavy experimental pop music became the sound de jour, Adam Sarmiento began releasing his own synth based jams under the name I and I. Drawing on his experiences as a drummer and vocalist in various projects (The New Tribe, The Pistol Arrows and The Candles) and his affection for the club sounds of his youth, I and I's albums have blended rhythmic experimentation with a pop sensibility and in the process yielded a sound that is quite singular. The debut 'We Are' was described as an "exceptional and essential disc" by the OK gazette and the follow up 'White Noise/Black Music' received substantial praise from the press and was called "a breath of fresh air" by The new I and I record 'The Alpha Future' is the culmination of Adam's work and is the most accessible, ambitious and refined yet. Written and recorded after a tour of Norway, an effort was made to bring the live experience to the recording process and the resulting album was made in a fraction of the time spent on the previous works. There is a certain looseness and spontaneity of thought and production that are often found wanting in the realm of Electronic music. Like all of I and I's records there is a broad range of sound, emotion, tempo and approach but always the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. Overall the album solidifies I and I's ethos that music to dance to could have Pop at it's heart and that Pop, in an alpha future, could have more of a mind and soul.