Karl Hendricks Trio, The
Karl Hendricks Trio, The
Label: Merge Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The Karl Hendricks Trio is a rock band from Pittsburgh. Caulen Kress plays bass, Jake Leger plays drums and Karl Hendricks sings and plays guitar. The band's eleven year existence has seen seven albums, a number of tours, and also a number of changes in the rhythm section (including two years as the Karl Hendricks Rock Band, a four-piece). The band's latest albums are 1998's Declare Your Weapons and, the newest KHT Merge album,2003's The Jerks Win Again.

Though relative strangers to the road in recent years, the Karl Hendricks Trio has toured significantly in the past. Among the bands they've toured with are Superchunk, Smog, Low, My Dad Is Dead, Butterglory and Small 23. They've also played shows with, among others, Silkworm, Don Caballero, The Mekons, The Spinanes, The Shipping News, New Bomb Turks, Labradford, Hayden, Joel R.L. Phelps, Magic Hour, Hurl and even - on one strange evening in Hoboken - Steve Earle.

Hendricks, the band's songwriter, lives with his wife, Megan, and their two daughters. He also works at Paul's Compact Discs and attends graduate school at the Universtiy of Pittsburgh. Kress, who has filled the bass slot since 1997, also goes to Pitt and works at Paul's. Leger, who joined the group in late 2001, also plays drums with Pikadori and guitar in his own group, Hey Sky.

The Karl Hendricks Trio's sound and approach have changed some over the years. The early years presented a fervently confessional side of Hendricks, and the youthful heartbreak in the lyrics was embodied in the band's spirited performances. In more recent years, Hendricks' lyrics have become more outward-looking and his guitar playing has become more expansive. The band's performance, however, remain just as ardent, and, well, loud. Overall, the band seeks to always become better at what they do, and the mission of the Karl Hendricks Trio has been the same from the beginning: to write good rock songs and present them in a genuine, uncompromising fashion.