Label: Unsigned
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Originally a trio, Ennui released their first full length album The Myth in Which We Live in 2008. After heading back to the studio later that year, singer Jim Doutrich changed musical directions by adding keyboardist Sam Mcumber, a live band, and a bunch of vintage synths to record what would become their follow up album Formation of Tides, due for release April 5th, 2011.

Formation of Tides is mature yet still remembers how to have fun. The album kicks off with the warm, haze of "The Battle I'm In" followed immediately by "We Are Young," a track that awakens Ennui's playful synthpop side. It's impossible to not be entranced with the Twin Peaks-ish waltz of "Coconino" and the faint doo-wops of "Balance and Motion" make it slow dance contender of the year. As a whole, Formation of Tides takes inspiration from the past and creates something fresh and distinctly enticing.