Bosco Delrey
Bosco Delrey
Label: Mad Decent
Genre: Electronic / Rock
Online: Artist Website


Hailing from New Jersey by way of Memphis, Bosco’s sound references the sounds of Sun Studios-era recordings, updating the lo-fi guitar twang with the use of an MPC drum machine and vintage synthesizer emulators to create a wall of distorted dance/grunge, with other apparent influences ranging from southern rap to church hymns and dancehall. This seemingly impossible alchemy was recently manifested on wax when Diplo’s Mad Decent released a stellar pair of Bosco Delrey 7-inches earlier this year, “Wild One/Evil Lives” and “Space Junky/My My Racecar,” both of which are also available digitally.

Bosco has just finished recording his debut album, "Everybody Wah," which is slated for release on Mad Decent / Downtown Music in early 2011. He spent the past summer in Memphis, TN recording with Doug Easley at his acclaimed studio whose alumni include the White Stripes, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Wilco, and Cat Power. Also, the legendary Beastie Boys have recently taken a shine to young Bosco with both Mike D and Ad Rock pledging remix work due later this month.

In person, Bosco performs abstract narratives that exist somewhere between electro-psychedelia and distorted grunge-hall. Audiences in Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles witnessed this sonic amalgam first-hand this summer as Bosco played the Mad Decent Block Party series. With so many conceptual hybrids existing in the same aural and geographic space, a Bosco Delrey show is steeped in possibility, the feeling that anything can happen.