Day of the Woman
Label: Exponential Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Maybe it was chance that brought this project together but its hard not to believe that when listening to the album. Whatever guiding force at hand responsible, put things into motion mid 2007 when 3 producers started exchanging emails and tracks. The 3 musicians, Pollination (Nick Noeding), Stenographer (Dave Salinas), and Yppah (Joe Corrales) are the protagonists of this collaboration now known as Day of the Woman, named after a 1978 movie also known as I Spit on Your Grave in the US.

Each artist on their own is adept at creating wonderous sounds but together, the three produce a sound like a black hole in space. The sound is dense with the pounding of drums yet countered by the spacy guitars that swirl around your head like a tornado. Each song is carefully painted with psychedelic brushstrokes and constructed into a massive wall of sound. When the album ends and the sound ceases to resonate, you'll have to pinch yourself just to make sure it was real.