Label: Lookout Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Mirroring their home environment of San Francisco, old and new, by balancing cosmo-noir dance rock aestheticism, a sincere passion for the arts and the social responsibility needed to ensure paradigm shifts, meet Evening. Between dark and light, antiquated and innovative, Evening represents the transition and tension between styles and sensibilities of music; they strive to blend and synthesize fun, catchy, dance beats with powerful, dark compositions that are substantial, unique, and lasting. The band, comprised of a cab driver, a tailor, a designer, a sound engineer and a bartender began playing music together 7 years ago, and their varied perspectives inspire the creative process. Now, countless shows and practices later, as notable Bay Area arts activists and unifiers of the scene, they have created a band which is so NOW that it's been featured in London's NME with only a self-released EP out to date.

Since the '90s tech boom forced SF real estate through the roof, numerous practice spaces for local musicians were shut down to make expensive loft housing and office space. In response, Lee organized the historic "Death to the Arts SF" funeral march in 1999 down Market Street, in which musicians came together creatively to protest the economic shut-out. Since then, Evening's home, the now-famous 'Stain Gallery' in downtown SF, has been a cultural mecca for art and musical shows, a staging ground for protest, a hostel to the traveling creative and the host of nearly every notable rock after-party in the city.

evening's music is both totally au courant and also ferociously smart and original. The professional musicianship of guitarists/founders Patrik Sklenar and Lee Burik, who met while studying jazz composition, draws on their encyclopedic grasp of blues, electronic, classical, pop, and rock. Revisionist rather than revivalist, Patrik's tight and angular approach and Lee's loose and rich lines are the basis to the intertwined tension, while Matt Rist' emotive vocals, Zach Brewer's hook laden bass, and Brian Kim's kinetic drumming layer soundscapes through the non-linear danceable rock. Christopher Appelgren, Lookout! Records president, became a fan of the band in 2002 after several shows together and agreed to release the self-financed full-length album recorded with producer/engineer Alex Newport (At the Drive-In, Mars Volta, The Pattern) at San Francisco's Hyde Street Studios. The album was released in February 2004 on Lookout! Records, as the first proverbial shot across the bow heralded the beginning of the Evening.