Label: BPitch Control
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


A poly-rhythmic paradise of liquid harmonics to be poured into the ears. Jahcoozi’s music is as original as the phonetic imagination of their name.

Those behind this creative alliance are song-writer/MC/singer/stage-animal Sasha Perera (London/Sri Lanka), Beat-freak producer Robot Koch (Germany) and the bass-embodying sound-tech fetishist Oren Gerlitz (Tel Aviv, Israel). Both musically and culturally speaking, Jahcoozi are a mash up operation who have consistently managed to deliver their very own mongrel style of electronic pop music.

They met during a long, coal-fuelled winter in Berlin back in 2002 and Jahcoozi have been making music together ever since. Songs such as Black Barbie and Fish are what gained them early recognition back in 2003, the latter having been played as a CD-R by the legendary John Peel. ‘Beautiful pop music from the future’ is what he said back then, and that still applies today.

It’s Jahcoozi’s pop sensibility that makes them such a solid group that give even the most elite of electronic music producers a run for their money, especially with lead singer Sasha Perera’s beautiful melodies or double-tracked harmonies.