Devices Disguised
Devices Disguised
Label: Royal Rhino Flying Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Devices Disguised is native Floridian Kyle Warden, an enthusiast of visual arts and the self-avowed friend of musicians. His recordings developed as interest in the former gave way and the latter helped him build up a repertoire of sounds and techniques, with enough accumulating that Devices Disguised became a convenient platform for releasing the backlog of solo material. Inspired by a late introduction to MIDI based production by his college roommate, Kyle self-released his Yonder EP and a two-song single on French label Beko DSL. His most recent material stays percussion oriented while experimenting with more rhythmically sequenced synths, sampling, multi layered ambient soundscapes, alongside altered strings and pianos. The five track True Tides EP is his physical debut and the prelude to a fall full length.