Label: Lefse Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Keepaway’s twisty triangle of Mike Burakoff, Frank Lyon, and Nick Nauman has been swimming around the recesses of your imagination for a while now; they found a lot of interesting stuff there, and they’re squishing it together into some serious future pop. Mike’s the sampling one, Frank’s the drums one, and Nick’s the guitar one– but they like to switch things up, too. All of them love to sing. They’re based in Brooklyn, NY, where they daily hone their synthesis of big city booty beats, wall-wobbling psychedelia, and soul-bending hooks. Their sound lands them right between Black Dice and Lady Gaga. It’s music to make your heart yearn and your eyes water the way they did the time you ate some weird mold and thought you were listening to “Blackbird” but it turned out to be “Groove is in the Heart” by Deee-lite.

They recorded their debut EP, Baby Style, in Brooklyn. They went hard. The result is a trip down a memory lane you haven’t yet visited, an immersive take on their wicked live sound. The possibility in our electronic age is huge. The Keepaway boys are beckoning you to it. Sit back, enjoy the vibes, and dance in your chair a little bit.