Lazer Crystal
Lazer Crystal
Label: Thrill Jockey Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Mixing jagged electro-rock and soaring synth pop with cybernetic ease, Chicago's Lazer Crystal features singer/multi-instrumentalist Mikale De Graff, multi-instrumentalist/singer Nicholas Read, and percussionist Josh Johannpeter. De Graff and Johannpeter also play in Mahjongg, and the band's members have also played with Cave and Waterbabies. Lazer Crystal released its first single, 2008's Hot Pink BMX, in a limited edition of 300 with hand-painted covers on the HBSP-2X imprint. EP1 followed in time for Record Store Day 2009, and was also a limited-edition release. The band moved to Thrill Jockey for their full-length debut MCMLXXX, which arrived in May 2010. [Heather Phares]