Label: Second Nature Recordings
Genre: Rock / Electronic / Pop
Online: Artist Website


Sometime in 2001, Denver rock veterans Jme White (Acrobat Down) and Mike Behrenhausen (Juhl And Maraca Five-O) made a record of experimental bedroom recording, with no ambitions for national release. Titling the project Blusom (pronounced "Blue-Some"), they simply passed the recordings among friends and local music fans. Two years later, the folks at Second Nature Recordings wound up with a copy and immediately hunted down White & Behrenhausen to ask permission to make it more widely available.

Blusom's two-year-old recording is a prescient combination of ambient electronics, brittle, lo-fi acoustic pop, trip-hop flirtations, and intimate, earnest vocals - a combination of sounds that fits the cultural trends of 2003's Postal Service as comfortably as Behrenhausen channels the intimacy and disturbing urgency of 1993's East River Pipe.