Label: Planet Mu
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Considered pioneers in the Dubstep/Bass scene Vex'd is the duo of Jamie Vex’d and Roly P who both originally hail from London. While living in Bristol they released their first two 12"s on the Subtext label, part of the Multiverse group of labels that has also since included releases from artists such as Pinch, 2562, Skream, Loefah, Joker and Tectonic (their flagship Dubstep label). It was 'Pop Pop' (from Subtext 1) & 'Lion' (from Subtext 2) that caught the attention of Mike Paradinas from Planet Mu on their demo – he says “I wanted to release Lion but they'd already cut it... so we decided to roll with the new stuff.”

Vex’d first fruit on Planet Mu was April 2005 single 'Gunman'/'Smart Bomb' which was quickly followed by the 'Degenerate' album in June 2005 which was described by New York’s Other Music at the time as “the freshest thing that I've heard come out of the grime/dubstep-2-step/breaks/drum 'n' bass/drill 'n' bass scene in quite some time” whilst the UK’s Fact Magazine says the record “is considered one of the finest dubstep full-lengths.” With the retrospective of time the album is now considered one of the key releases to have opened up many IDM and techno heads to the possibilities of dubstep.

In early 2006 Mu dropped the menacing 'Bombardment Of Saturn' single showcasing a slightly more sinister sound from the duo that Boomkat described as “quite terrifying.” This was followed by the ‘3rd Choice’ single in January 2008. The duo worked on a second album but nothing was heard of it. Now, despite the duo having moved onto new projects, the unreleased glory of their “lost” second album “Cloud Seed” will be released this spring on Planet Mu. The new album includes unreleased originals as well as some select remixes for the likes of Plaid, John Richards, Gabriel Prokofiev and Distance.

Jamie Vexd also released a solo EP “In System Travel” in April 2009 also on Planet Mu. Jamie is also recording under the alias Kuedo (also for Planet Mu) a project that URB just said is “yet more of a departure from the sound of Jamie’s original carnation as Vexd ...strung out synthesized madness “