Pit er Pat
Pit er Pat
Label: Thrill Jockey Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Chicago post-rock trio Pit Er Pat comprised bassist Rob Doran (a founding member of Alkaline Trio), classically trained pianist Fay Davis-Jeffers, and drummer Butchy Fuego (a onetime contributor to Neutral Milk Hotel). Founded in 2003 as the Blackbirds, they formed to back a local singer/songwriter who abruptly left town for New York City, forcing the trio to compose a set of songs in order to make good on a previously booked live gig; the performance was so successful they opted to continue, soon releasing an EP, Emergency, on their own Mythologies label. Upon learning of a rival Blackbirds unit, the group renamed itself Pit Er Pat in honor of a painting by Chicago artist Jim Nutt, in early 2004 reissuing Emergency on the Overcoat label; after releasing a 12", The Babies Are Tired, on the tiny Born and Raised on Sugar label, Pit Er Pat signed to Thrill Jockey, issuing their first full-length effort, Shakey, in early 2005. The following year, they teamed up twice in the studio with Tortoise's John McEntire as producer: first on the 3D Message EP and again that fall on the full-length Pyramids. Pit Er Pat recorded their third album, 2008's High Time, in their own studio, incorporating a horn section and percussion ranging from bongos to agogo bells, making it their most musically complex album to date. [AMG Jason Ankeny]