Technoir MA
Technoir MA
Label: None
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Massachusetts natives Justin and Colin have known each other since grade school and spent most of their high school careers playing in punk-type bands together and listening to records from bygone eras (primarily the late 70's and early 80's), many of which were passed on to them by their school nurse (no joke). Keeping it local (Cambridge and Somerville) during their respective University tenures, it was in early 2008 when they took a fateful (Fung Wah) bus trip to New York City, during which time they decided to make music together again. By summer of that year the guys had christened themselves Technoir MA---after the nightclub in 'Terminator'---and each show they booked became an occasion to write new material.

After Justin finished his degree in January 2009, they recorded three songs with Shane O'Connor the following month, which became their debut EP under the new moniker in May of this year. They have now just finished a follow-up four song EP ('2/B') with the Shane again at the same North Cambridge studio at which they recorded most of the debut, and fully intend to tour in spring 2010 and BEYOND.