Fuck Buttons
Fuck Buttons
Label: ATP Recordings
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The Bristol, England-based experimental duo Fuck Buttons -- Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power -- formed in late 2004 and signed to the ATP label, releasing the "Bright Tomorrow" b/w "Little Bloody Shoulder" 7" single during the fall of 2007, with live dates throughout England (with Liars, Stars of the Lid, and Deerhunter, to name a few) following soon thereafter. They released their first album, Street Horrrsing, which was produced by Mogwai's John Cummings, in 2008. The duo drafted Two Lone Swordsmen's Andrew Weatherall to produce the following year's Tarot Sport, which found Fuck Buttons moving in a blissful, more overtly electronic direction.