Matias Aguayo
Matias Aguayo
Label: Kompakt
Genre: Electronic
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Once half of Closer Musik, Matias Aguayo -- a left-field dance music producer and vocalist who was born in Santiago de Chile but moved to Cologne, Germany, at the dawn of the '90s -- went solo after the duo split. Like his ex-partner, Dirk Leyers, Aguayo remained closely associated with Cologne's Kompakt label and remixed tracks by Leandro Fresco and Michael Mayer. He joined Mayer on a reinterpretation of Kylie Minogue's "Slow" just before making his proper solo debut with 2005's Are You Really Lost, an album featuring co-productions with Markus Rossknecht. A series of six 12" releases -- a pair for Soul Jazz, Kompakt, and his own Latin American-centric Cómeme -- preceded his second solo album for Kompakt, 2009's Ay Ay Ay. [AMG Andy Kellman]

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Matias Aguayo
album:Ay Ay Ay (Kompakt)
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