Minus Story


The oddly named Minus Story are Jordan Geiger, Andy Byers, Nick Christus and Brian Phillips. The band out of Lawrence, Kansas, came up with their name this way: a while back a friend of lead singer Jordan Geiger produced a short film about a writer battling with writer's block. The film's plot centered on the writer asking why there has to be a "story" within a piece of writing.

"So we started making fun of it -- even though it was actually really good -- by calling it 'minus story'," says Geiger. "For a short period of time we would rate various things by how much they were minus story or not. For instance, Mulholland Drive -- that movie is minus story. Whereas (Arnold Schwarzenegger's) Twins is not." Even while Geiger can rattle off a list of different artistic endeavors that fit and don't fit the definition, he strongly emphasizes, "Minus Story the band is DEFINITELY minus story."

Minus Story's sound is the result of talented musicians trying to do things they don't know how to do. I'm referring to how they come across on record. When recording The Captain is Dead, Let The Drum Corpse Dance!, they went into the studio with the desire to produce themselves and came out with what they jokingly refer to as their Wall of Crap sound. These musicians may remind you of Modest Mouse, Ugly Casanova, or Marmoset (to name a few) -- all great indie bands that take chances.

Their latest release is 2005's Heaven and Hell EP on Jagjaguwar Records.