Label: Thrill Jockey Records
Genre: Experimental
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Lokai is the Austrian-based duo of guitarists Florian Kmet and Stefan Nemeth. The pair released the avant-garde and electro-acoustic 7 Million on their own Mosz Records label in 2005 before splintering into an assortment of side and solo projects, reconvening four years later to record a follow-up, Transition, which was released by Thrill Jockey in 2009. The duo takes a found object approach to composition at times, building rhythmic bases out of anything from heating ducts to orphaned snare drums, and their guitars are often looped through synthesizers and samplers, but the method to all of it is revealed in the compositions themselves. Kmet is also a member of Superlooper and has worked and collaborated with a number of musicians, including Wolfgang Mitterer, Gunter Schneider, Max Nagl, Franz Hautzinger, Martin Brandlmayr, Ludwig Bekic, and Jorge Sanchéz-Chiong, among others, while Nemeth is also a member of the bands Radian and Synapsis and has worked and collaborated with Martin Brandlmayr, John Norman, Martin Siewert, Werner Dafeldecker, Oskar Aichinger, Franz Hautzinger, John Butcher, Dean Roberts, Christian Fennesz, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M., Toshimaru Nakamura, Florian Hecker, Hanno Leichtmann, Nicholas Bussmann, Hannes Löschel, Paul Skrepek, and Achim Tang and others. [AMG Steve Leggett]

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