Benjy Ferree
Benjy Ferree
Label: Domino Records
Genre: Pop
Online: Artist Website


With a vocal style bringing to mind the quieter side of Jack White, reclusive singer/songwriter Benjy Ferree found success in his home city of Washington, D.C., after a failed attempt at an acting career in Los Angeles. While working as a bartender at the Black Cat, he met Fugazi's Brendan Canty, who encouraged him to pursue music. Canty ended up mixing his EP Leaving the Nest, which was released jointly by Planaria and Box Theory Records. Domino issued the record in November 2006 with additional songs. For his second album Come Back to the Five and Dime Bobby Dee Bobbby Dee, Ferree recorded a concept album based on the tragic life of child star Bobby Driscoll. It was released on Domino in early 2009.[AMG Kenyon Hopkin]