Label: Drag City
Genre: Experimental
Online: Artist Website


Three women and a man making celestial discothèque sounds unlike anybody else rocking that combination today. When you look on the stage, you’ll only see two women and a man, but the patterns of light you see them through will be the contribution of their fourth member (no, not Murray the K). It’s a modern multi-sexual outfit that all genders can wear! The music? It’s light and heavy all at once, the layers of vocals and guitar-bass-and-drums working together naturally to bring you up, rock you, dance you, ballad you and blow a little bit of your mind. Their new album is called Rites and it stands a space apart from the sounds of their previous album, the self-titled 2008 CD on Language of Stone. Rites finds Lights forging songs out of their chants, softening and bouncing the rhythm a bit more, and generally sparkling more, for whatever reason. Did they dossier us? Not sure, but our visual sense has certainly been enhanced, especially on LP. Come July 21st, fight for your Rites – from Lights.