Teengirl Fantasy
Teengirl Fantasy
Label: Anticon
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Teengirl Fantasy is Logan and Nick, two friends at Oberlin College in Ohio. It's tough to classify Teengirl Fantasy's music within one genre--both Harmonia and Cece Peniston serve as equal reference points. Teengirl Fantasy's love of drone, 4/4, and warm gating synths force new classifications of electronic music. Cosmic Disco-Noise, diving videos in reverse, Booty-Pop, and dancing in slow motion could all describe the band's sound but don't really make any sense. And how do they have a fansite on Angelfire created by a real teen girl?P

Since forming less than a year ago, Teengirl Fantasy have toured the US coasts opening for acts such as Lucky Dragons, Pictureplane, Dan Deacon, THE GZA, and Blues Control in addition to premiering a video installation/performance with Jacob Ciocci of Paper Rad. After touring from Tijuana, MX to Olympia, WA with bliss-noise artist Kixly this past summer, Teengirl Fantasy performed at Wham City's Whartscape Festival 2008 in Baltimore.

Teengirl Fantasy likes to keep it real for everyone: they support DIY venues with all ages shows, and their live set is constantly evolving without the use of laptops or backing tracks. Fantasize about kissing and holding Teengirl Fantasy.