Label: Drag City
Genre: Pop / Rock
Online: Artist Website


Bachelorette is the solo delivery vehicle for New Zealand based home recording tinkerer Annabel Alpers, with a little help from her friends Andrea Holmes (ex Fang) and local legend Mick Elborado.

Annabel’s music career started out venting Christchurch teen frustration in a “beginner indie” band called Mouse. Fortunately, things soon got better. She graduated to keys, guitars and vocals in the much underrated Hawaii Five-O, who were popular in Christchurch for their psychedelic surf sounds and country tinged old school rock‚n‚roll. Highlights for the band were supporting Stereolab at the Lumiere Theatre and some memorable shows in Auckland and Dunedin. They recorded an album that they never got around to releasing, and won the award for best unreleased single at the ‚99 b-net awards. While in Hawaii Five-O, Annabel also made appearances as organist and guitarist in underground noise specialists Space dust and the Hiss Explosion respectively.

Following the demise of Hawaii Five-O Annabel travelled around Asia, living for some time in Shanghai, China, where she decided to shift to Auckland to spend time making music. At Auckland University she gained access to recording studios, and in combination with her own home studio, and the studio of Marcus and Nik from the Undercurrents, she pieced together her own unique and – up until now – private sound.

Bachelorette features a collection of vintage synthesisers, drum machines, real drums, bass, guitars and whatever else is lying around on the bedroom floor that day. In the end it comes out as some kind of weird vocal layered electro synth pop – with a hint of country thrown in for good measure.