Label: Lambda Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Sun/Rain_Flower is one of a multitude of projects by Jacob Weiss. Originally conceived as a project that would sound vaguely like an electronic version of the Japanese drone trio Boris, Sun/Rain_Flower draws equal influences from electronic, drone and indie music. The first EP, "Subdivision of Curiosity," formed out of a series of jams in the dingy basement/laundry room of Jacob's dormitory in Austin, TX, which he then reconstructed over the next week into a coherent album.

Jacob first began writing music in 2006 using the modest means of an old mp3 player (which conveniently contained a built in microphone) and the free music program Audacity. He wrote under the joke moniker of The David Spade Falcon Project and over the next few years slowly progressed from Audacity to Garage Band and, finally, to Logic. Along the way he dabbled in various genres using other titles (Murshmellow for indie, ((solus)) for post rock/ambient, Resoner for an experimental/ambiance collaboration with his friend David, and Sun/Rain_Flower for electronic). While a few friends have found their way onto songs and albums, all of his work exists essentially as a solo project.