Label: XL Recordings
Genre: Pop / Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Contrary to popular belief, Peaches isn't easy.

Yes, it is true that the Canadian-born, Berlin-based artist likes to sing about sex. It is also true that her combination of deliciously minimalist electronic beats and power-chord stadium rock fuse together to make music that is sincerely unlike anything else you'll hear on the planet. (That's not hyping bio bullshit — that is the straight-up truth.)

It is also no lie to say that Peaches' 2000 debut, The Teaches of Peaches was one of those records that music fans ran to tell their friends about. Lord knows you'd never hear a song like "Fuck The Pain Away" on mainstream radio (even if it is hella catchy)…but you did hear it in gay nightclubs, and on college radio, and in your friend's car stereo on the ultimate road trip.

Truth is, if you talked about the fact that she produces her records, programs her own beats, and plays almost all the instruments, well that's real life too.

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