The Love Language
The Love Language
Label: Bladen County Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The North Carolina-based lo-fi indie rock outfit Love Language formed in Raleigh by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Stu McLamb after a series of false starts, hard times, and general malcontent that found the newly reformed artist ready to embrace a healthier, less destructive lifestyle. Recorded, written, and produced in a storage space by McLamb alone on an old four-track, Love Language's heady blend of Guided by Voices-infused indie pop and nightmarish, Phil Spector-meets-Animal Collective-style production caught the ear of Merge artists the Rosebuds, who asked McLamb to join them on tour as the opening act. McLamb quickly threw together a band, which included drummer Thomas Simpson, organist Kate Thompson, bassist Joshua Pope, keyboardist/vocalist Missy Thangs, guitarist/vocalist Junis Beefmonth, and guitarist/percussionist/vocalist Jordan McLamb, and the band hit road in support of its eponymous debut, which was released in early 2009. [AMG James Christopher Monger]